15 August 2011

The best part of moving...

is the fact that you get to decorate all over again. 

I'm beginning to gather some ideas for the new house. I am so excited about starting from scratch again, figuring out where old favourites work best and finding new favourites to fit the empty spaces. I like the slow approach to decorating a room. I find if I rush thing I quickly regret them (hello Ikea table and shelves! Have I told you today that I hate you!). So here are some of the highlights from the various pinterest boards I've been getting together...





  1. Oooo that kitchen and that green cooker. I hope you get the house of your dreams. I really loved decoratining mine (well, choosing the stuff and now living in it... the DIY was a chore, apart from grouting, I love grouting!) x

  2. ikea is a hasty persons worst nightmare! that whole house in the first picture is AMAZING! hope the move goes well!

  3. Yes! I can see a theme developing here: clever kitchen storage with not-so-traditional storage methods. Wonderful inspiration, me gusta muchisimo! X

    PS Patchwork curtains?! Yes please.

  4. Love your choices. The pink curtains in the kicthen are so cute! I'm moving soon too, as I'm in the process of buying a house so I'm so excited to get to decorate it from scratch. So fun!

  5. I've been seeing these pop up in your Pinterest and you can just tell you are so excited. The beautiful patchwork curtains and enamel pans are so very 'Ray'. :)

  6. I wanr it all - particulalry the book case stairs - lovely stuff. Glad you are so excited!

  7. Oh God Gemma, I love grouting too!

    and Fay - how amazing are the curtains - wouldn't take long...right??!

    Siobhan - good luck with your move.

    Also lovely to read some new blogs via these comments!

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